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Live-Chat for eCommerce

Satisfy your customers in real-time. See visitor stats for your e-shop. Live chat software for e-retailers.

  • Live Chat saves money

    Companies that use live chat have seen an overall reduction in the cost of serving customers. Such solutions are quick to implement and they are a lot cheaper than other customer service alternatives(phone or email support). Interaction time with the customer is reduced. Consumers are quite familiar with live chat software and are more likely to buy and less likely to abandon their sessions.

  • Live Chat lets you listen to your customers

    The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to offer them solutions. In order to sell more of your products or services, it’s crucial to listen to your customers. A live chat support system makes understanding customers’ concerns and needs easier because you’ll have a written log of what is causing customer headaches that can be mined for data.

  • Live Chat increases sales

    The top ten reasons buyers abandon their online shopping sessions are often related to confusion and complications at checkout. Confused customers may have a question that they want answered in real time. Live chat support fulfills this need of addressing questions or concerns during the sales process, thereby increasing conversions or sales.

Visitors buy more after chats

Offering advice over chat makes it easier for your customers to make a purchase. Customers treated with good service make bigger orders!

Target specific sections of your E-Shop

You can set specific chat greetings based on the visitor's current page address. Instead of approaching all visitors with the same generic pitch, be specific and delight your visitors.

Help several customers at the same time

Don’t waste sales opportunities by making your customers wait for you to pick up the phone. With Live Chat you can offer information on your products to several customers at the same time.

Chat on your desktop and mobile

Live chat in your office or while commuting from home using your mobile and desktop apps.
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  • Visitor details

    See which page your customer is currently viewing, the location of the device and where he or she came from. Provide more information about a product and help the customer make a decision.

  • Live statistics

    You can see how many people are on your site right now, which pages they're interacting with, and more.

  • Archives of old chats and transactions

    Browse the archive for past messages and answer questions that you missed directly to the visitor's Inbox.

Quick installation

The installation is so simple - you just paste a simple line of code to your website and you start chatting.




Below are some examples of Live-chat for eCommerce.
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