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Custom designed E-Shop for your business. Starting at €36.90/month

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Set up in a few days

  1. You tell us about your business.
  2. We create a first draft of your new e-shop. This is when you give feedback about the design.
  3. We help you digitize your products and upload them to your new e-shop.
  4. You start paying €36.90/month. You pay monthly. No upfront fees. You can leave anytime.
  5. We offer you a €100.00 Google AdWords coupon to advertise your new e-shop.
  6. We stay at your side. We help you improve your storefront and grow your business online.
  7. You are in charge of the catalog after we fill it up.

Anamo Webstore is for businesses that demand the best experience for their customers

Anamo has everything you need to grow your business online.
  • It's for Businesses

    Your dedicated Web Department is us. Expect regular communication as we follow up on your success and discover your needs.

  • It's Affordable

    We charge a low monthly fee every month. You don't pay anything for the design and creation of your webstore.

  • It's Easy

    It's for those who can't spend ages setting up their online catalog. We help you get started.

  • It's Helpful

    We stay there after you start. We support and promote your business with Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Your Story

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The features you want

See complete features list
  1. Beautiful Design

    We offer you a custom tailored design that is unique to your brand.

  2. Cloud Commerce

    We use modern infastructure that lowers hosting costs. This means that you pay only a monthly fee every month for as long as you have your store with us.

  3. Site Analytics

    Your webstore is connected to Google Analytics and you can see all the analysis of your customers.

  4. Built-in marketing tools

    Integrated social media links make sharing easy for you and your customers. Embed the products you sell in your Webstore on other sites.

Your store on the web

Your Anamo Webstore is your advertisement on the web. Store hours, contact information and a map with your location are great ways of helping people find you and get to trust you.

Run your store from anywhere

Sign in to your web dashboard to keep tabs on your store and run your business from any computer.
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  • See what’s selling

    Simple charts and reports tell you what’s popular with your customers.

  • Inventory management

    Set up counts for the items you sell online on your Webstore.

  • Multiple Users

    Add users with special privileges to delegate your work load to other staffers with safety.

  • Manage orders

    Check orders in real time, prepare orders for shipment, and contact customers.

Work Well With Others

Connect your Anamo account to leading accounting services like SoftOne and inFlow—or use the Webstore API to create custom solutions for your business.

    Με το Soft1 εντάσσονται στη μηχανογράφηση όλες σχεδόν οι καθημερινές σας εργασίες. Όλα λειτουργούν και ελέγχονται σε λιγότερο χρόνο, έτσι ώστε εσείς και οι άνθρωποι σας να έχετε χρόνο για τις επαφές σας, καλά πληροφορημένοι για την επιχείρησή σας.Learn More
  • inFlow

    Keep your products organized with pictures, prices, and categories. inFlow can easily handle 10,000+ products on a regular PC.Learn More
  • Build Your Own

    Create custom software solutions with the Webstore Connect API. Hire a Square preferred developer to help.Learn More

Get answers 24/7/365

Guidance on all things Webstore is always just a click away. Visit the Anamo Help Center for articles, videos, and tips to help your business succeed. The support team is standing by should you need additional assistance.
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